CHRRUP is an independent community-owned organisation dedicated to increasing the sustainability of natural resources through improving practices of use and management. From its inception as a research project in 1997, CHRRUP was established in 2001 and continues the work by promoting the use of best practices in resource management.

A strong focus on working with investment partners (regional groups, Australian and Queensland Governments) to deliver on ground results has provided CHRRUP with skills and capabilities to undertake a wide range of work on a consultancy basis.

CHRRUP’s mission to work proactively with regional communities, enterprises and industries to foster natural resource management that supports the sustainability of the Central Highlands region embodies our core values of independence, practicality, partnerships, and collaboration.


From its earliest days, CHRRUP has focused on best practice governance to achieve results in a transparent, ethical, and equitable manner across the entire domain: financial and administrative; information and decision making; planning, implementation, and adaptive management.

Membership of the Board, led by an Independent Chair, comprises nominees from the following sectors:

  • Human services
  • Indigenous people
  • Environment
  • Local government
  • Higher education
  • Resources
  • Grazing
  • Irrigation
  • Cropping
  • Landcare
  • Integrated catchment management
  • Economic development

A team of skilled and experienced staff implement operational plans to meet strategic objectives. CHRRUP has in place strong financial and project management systems as well as a culture of compliance to deliver results designed to meet all client expectations.