CHRRUP’s Directors represent a cross section of the Central Highlands community. The Board works to identify and provide the strategic vision for CHRRUP, as well as ensuring all financial and legal obligations are met.

  • Chrrup-Board_0009_Alicia Dunbar

    Alicia Dunbar

    Independent Chair

  • Chrrup-Board_0001_Melissa Wells

    Melissa Wells

    Director – Environment

  • Chrrup-Board_0007_Cameron Geddes

    Cameron Geddes

    Director – Food & Fibre

  • Chrrup-Board_0005_Frank Conway

    Frank Conway

    Director – Grains

  • Blake Repine

    Director – Tertiary Education

  • Kevin McKenzie

    Director – Human Services

  • Chrrup-Board_0006_David Comiskey

    David Comiskey

    Director – Integrated Catchment Management

  • Chrrup-Board_0002_Lynette Keene

    Lynette Keene

    Director – Landcare

  • Christine Rolfe

    Director – Local Government

  • Chrrup-Board_0008_Ben Westerberg

    Ben Westerberg

    Director – Mining

  • Chrrup-Board_0010_Adele O'Connor

    Adele O’Connor

    Director – Pastoral