2017 Conference Information

The Future Food and Fibre Conference to be held on 16th and 17th March 2017 is aimed at innovative and forward thinking farmers and graziers who are poised to take advantage of opportunities opening up for Australian agriculture.

Exploring global trends through the three perspectives (family farms, technology and big data, and diversification), participants will learn about themselves, their opportunities, and the tools they need to exploit those opportunities in two days at Capella in the heart of Central Queensland’s best agricultural land.

Keynote speakers will investigate mega trends and learning for future farming from millennia of food and fibre production prior to European settlement. Other sessions will discuss use of technology and big data in increasing margins of profitability; social, economic, and environmental needs of healthy agricultural businesses; and over-the-horizon constraints and prospects for agriculture.

The Conference is designed to stimulate participants to think creatively about their businesses and to increase agricultural production profitably and sustainably.

We hope you will leave the Conference thinking positively about changes you may make to increase your profitability in a sustainable manner.


$190 per person for the two days
$85 per person for the Farm, Feast and Film dinner

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Farm, Feast and Film Dinner

Why are we hosting the Conference?

CHRRUP is hosting this Conference to give agricultural landholders (graziers, dryland croppers, and irrigators) and others who rely on agriculture for their business, an opportunity to investigate the future for their industry. Agriculture is at the forefront of Australia’s economic future and we want to showcase to industry the opportunities available to them through diversification, collaboration, and technology and data. Our Mission is to work with communities, enterprises and industries to support sustainable, profitable production.

Who should attend?

Anyone whose business relies on agriculture:

  • graziers
  • farmers
  • extension and research staff
  • agribusiness
  • agricultural consultants
  • anyone else who loves eating food and wearing natural fabrics.

We aim to challenge you, to support you, and to give you a valuable learning experience.


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