Dianne Haggerty

Dianne Haggerty farms with her husband Ian and eldest son James on 3 properties in the central Wheatbelt of Western Australia. Average annual rainfall 210 mm for the years of 2000 to 2012, with 260 mm average rainfall for 2013 to 2016.  

They grow cereal grains and run a self-replacing merino flock over their properties covering 13000 ha. The Haggerty’s have developed a farming system which successfully utilises “natural intelligence” via soil microbes, plants, animals and the powerful process of photosynthesis. This system is then able to produce high quality grains, sheep meat, wool, plus regenerate broad acre landscape, via carbon sequestration and returns of biodiversity to agricultural lands and remnant vegetation.  

It is this soil and landscape function rebuilding, that has increased the properties resilience in the face of climate variability, pests and disease ensuring a safer, more profitable future.

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