Ian McConnel

A 5th generation beef producer, Ian gained a Bachelor of Science in Animal Studies at the University of Queensland and then spent a year at Colorado State University supporting meat science and genetics research. Ian joined the Queensland government extension service in 2003 as a sheep and cattle extension officer in remote western Queensland and then continued in south east Queensland. Ian pioneered innovative extension and outreach tools in remote Australia and led the trialling and development of remote animal management systems.

Ian Joined WWF-Australia in 2012 to lead their Australian Beef industry engagement and in 2014 began as global commodity lead for beef coordinating the WWF global network’s projects in the beef industry. In this role, Ian is an executive board member of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef and actively involved in efforts to improve the economic, social and environmental impacts of livestock production in 15 countries. His work includes developing markets for sustainably produced beef, research and extension projects, policy development and consumer facing education.

Ian is a past Australian Rural Youth Ambassador and Beef Industry Rising Champion and a passionate ‘agvocate’ for the role of sustainable agriculture in a modern world.

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