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From the Executive Officer

Our first 2016 newsletter is written while we feel the dampness of a week of what has been very good rain over much of Central Queensland. Some have missed out though and we hope for the skies to open for… Read more »

Planning and funding arrangements

Some of you will know that the current programs of funding of many of our activities and on-ground grants comes to an end on 30th June.  Planning is well underway for future funding and, as we draw closer to the… Read more »

Now’s the time to rest your paddocks

The GRASS is GROWING! Now is the time to rest some of your paddocks! Your business will benefit by: Growing more feed Allowing the desirable grasses (productive, palatable and perennial species) to flower and set seed Increasing ground cover and… Read more »

Climate resources

Forecasting is important to everyone whose business relies on the weather.  Climate outlooks can be found on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website.  This page has a link to the Outlook videos, as well as analysis of lead indicators of weather such… Read more »

Plan for the next dry season by undertaking Stocktake course

It’s never too early to plan for the next dry season…and now is the perfect time to start. Adjusting stocking rates to meeting current feed supply, animal requirements and ground cover targets is considered best management practice for a grazing… Read more »

Map your property using Google Earth

You can learn how to create your own basic property map utilising free Google Earth Pro mapping tools and access relevant and up to date data through Queensland Globe. Queensland Globe is an interactive online tool that can be opened… Read more »

Environmental legislation advice – thinning

Since the introduction of the Vegetation Management Act in 1999, legislation has reduced the ability of landholders to manage remnant vegetation on their property. However, current amendments, including the self – assessable codes for clearing vegetation, have allowed landholders under… Read more »

The business of grazing

A well run cattle business can be a satisfying job, a great lifestyle and offer a financially sustainable future. Do you want to improve your understanding of how the business side of the cattle industry works? Steve Banney, a consultant… Read more »

Snakes are on the move… Watch your step!

Snakes find it profitable to hunt when rain begins and after it is over. They prey on the small critters running for shelter from the rain, or coming back out to forage after the rain has settled. After so little… Read more »

Getting to know your groundwater

Understanding your groundwater will help you improve your business performance. Don’t miss your opportunity to access the experts in this field. Fitzroy Basin Association Inc has contracted technical experts from 4T Consultants to run a series of groundwater workshops across… Read more »